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The Wenno Cat by Jungle
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What's it about?
This cat does seem familiar doesn't it? Anyone who had spent some time in the jungle saw him once or twice. His name is actually Wennonium Databasis, or just Wenno. He usually let's you know that something is missing, or broken, but never seems responsible, just stares at you like it's your fault. Typical cat. Well, now you can see why we call him Wenno. That's what people usually ask us when they see him. If you always wanted to have your own unique Wenno, you can now do it.
But... why?
1. Incredible custom art pieces of the famous Wenno Cat
2. Access to private jungle analytics
3. Exclusive sniping extension permisisons (to be announced)
4. Digital art collab airdrops in partnership with Cardano Thor
5. Wenno Cat is also very unpredictable
How to mint?
One Wenno costs 30 ADA to mint. You can send multiples of 30 ADA to the address below, no tx limit, no wallet limit, 5 per tx.
There are 6 1/1 Wennos in the collection. Special Wenno utility will be revealed later.